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Problems that the promotions solution can solve

Improve strategic relationship

with retailers

Speed up


 scale up

 collection of 1p data for CRM/CDP

Improve user experience

 for shopper promotions

Increase ROI

 of shopper marketing campaigns

Launch a new brand

 or product in retail

Reduce the cost of developing promotions

 with advertising agencie

Get transparent analytics

 for all shopper promotions

Promote brand

 value offers at scale on a pay-per-sale basis

What teams need Shopobill promotional platform

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Marketing & Digital

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Trade-marketing & Shopper Marketing

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What you can do with shopper engagement platform

Shopper Engagement Hub

Streamline all brand activations into a single Shopper Engagement Hub. With Shopobill, you can aggregate all brand promotions and activations onto one centralized platform, optimizing both user experience and SEO.

Simplify user engagement through single cross-registration, effectively gathering your target audience on one platform. Maximize the impact of your promotional efforts across various channels while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Campaign Management

Brands and advertising agencies run dozens of similar promotional campaigns every year. Shopobill automates the work involved in preparing, launching, and managing a large number of advertising campaigns from a single, unified tool.

Our user-friendly campaign management panel and collaborative team features allow you to optimise processes, scale up campaign launches, and increase team productivity. You can efficiently handle multiple shopper marketing campaigns.

An abstract image that resembles a game “Pacman”, but the game’s location consists of shopping bags.

Retail-Agnostic Promotions

Shopobill's receipt validation technology enables you to run consumer promotions in any retail environment, providing a seamless and scalable solution for national campaigns. Our platform automatically validates purchases from any store, eliminating the need for manual verification or complex integrations with individual retailers.

This retail-agnostic approach allows you manage promotional campaigns that cater to your customers' preferred shopping destinations, whether they purchase from large chains, independent stores, or online retailers. You can easily run multi-retailer, multi-region, and multi-country promotions, all from a single, user-friendly platform.

Gamification Promotions

Engage your customers with exciting challenges. Shopobill offers a wide range of ready-to-use gamification mechanics to enhance your promotional campaigns. From Wheel of Fortune and Advent Calendar to Quizes, Lucky Tickets, Find the Prize, and many others, our platform provides an array of engaging games to captivate your audience.

By incorporating games and instant prize draws into your promotions, you can create unique and memorable experiences for your customers, driving higher levels of engagement and participation. Shopobill's gamification features are designed to be easily customizable, allowing you to tailor the challenges and rewards to your brand and target audience.

On-Pack Promo Codes

Shopobill's campaign management panel makes it easy to launch and manage on-pack promotional code campaigns. Our platform empowers you to create diverse and engaging code-based promotions by incorporating prize games, instant win mechanics, digital prizes, and cashback offers.

Shopobill built-in free promo code generator allows you to create unique codes for your campaigns and coupons. This feature streamlines the process of generating and managing promotional codes, saving you time and resources.

An abstract image that represents how cashback and realtime awards work. The image consists of two shopping bags with magnets attached to them, a ghost from Pacman game, and a number one in a filled circle — all these elements connected to each other though in a entangled manner.

Cashback Promotions

Cashback promotions for purchasing your brand are an excellent tool for driving sales and fostering customer loyalty. Shopobill offers a variety of cashback options, including instant cashback via bank transfer, mobile phone, or PayPal, making it easy for customers to receive their rewards immediately.

By offering attractive cashback incentives, you can encourage customers to choose your products over competitors and increase their likelihood of making repeat purchases. Shopobill's cashback promotion features seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing efforts, allowing you to create targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Retail Media Performance Network

Amplify the reach of your promotional campaigns with Shopobill Performance Network. Our platform offers ready-to-use advertising integrations with popular cashback apps, e-commerce platforms, and retail media networks, enabling you to effectively announce your promotions to millions of potential customers.

With our performance-based pricing model, you only pay for results – either registrations in your campaign or the submission of receipts featuring your products. This approach ensures that your advertising budget is spent efficiently, driving measurable outcomes for your shopper marketing efforts.

WhatsApp and Telegram Chatbot Promotions

Engage your customers instantly. Shopobill enables you to launch promotional campaigns in Telegram and WhatsApp chatbots within just a few hours. Our platform features a built-in chatbot constructor, and all data collected during the promotion will be available in the unified campaign management dashboard.

The chatbot offers all the functionality of a promotional website, including receipt scanning, photo receipt upload, personal accounts for participants, and exciting prize games. By leveraging chatbot promotions, you can engage customers instantly and provide a seamless, interactive experience that drives participation and brand loyalty.

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Why FMCG producers choose us

Shopper Hub

Consolidate your promotional campaigns into a unified Promotions Hub or always on brand platform with a built-in loyalty club.

Enjoy higher ROI, better SEO and SEM.

Website Builder

No-code website and promotion mechanics builder that reduces the time to launch to just one day.

Make changes "on the go" without incurring additional costs.

Promotion Management System

Unified self-service portal for launching and managing promotional campaigns, with collaborative functionality for clients and advertising agencies.

An analytics panel that allows you to monitor promotions 24/7 and instantly access all reports.

First-Party Data Collection Platform

A unified tool for collecting personal and shopper data that significantly optimizes the cost of CRM agency work.

Obtain first-party data from a single system instead of 30 promotional websites.

Agency Training Program

A well-established process for training your agencies, with created instructions and distributed responsibilities.

Over 50 of the largest advertising agencies have been trained to work on the platform.

Receipt Scanner

Shopobill offers a specialized receipt scanner designed for any type of  retail, tested on millions of receipts.

Our solution supports multiple input methods, including photos, QR codes, manual entry, making it a versatile tool for consumer promotions.

Promotion Engine

Over 500 proven shopper marketing mechanics - instant win games, realtime rewards, branded games, rebates, spin the wheel for prizes etc

All mechanics can be combined with each other.

Free Promo Code Generator

Generate promotional codes for printing on product packaging.

Create personalized coupons to increase conversion rates and drive purchases.

Shopobill Performance Network

Our own media network for effectively announcing promotional campaigns with a pay-per-action model.

Built-in promotion with various lead sources, integrated with popular cashback apps & retailers.

Shopobill helps Henkel to improve shopper marketing promotion efficiency and increase depth of consumer databases.

Alex Zhironkin

Digital Manager, Beauty Care

Shopobill is our partner delivering professional approach in digital & shopper marketing projects with commitment to deliver best in class effective campaigns.

Anna Mironova

Head of Marketing & Innovation

We were looking for technology partner who can provide us with best gamification mechanics and expertise across number of Central Asian markets - Shopobill has both.

Natalia Minchenkova

Marketing Director

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Revamp consumer engagement with gamification and data driven marketing

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How to work with Shopobill

Craft your consumer promotions the way that is convenient for you.


Shopobill is a no-code cloud platform which is easy-to-use on your own.

Collaborate with a colleague, designer, or agency by sharing your promotion with them.

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Taylor made campaign

Reach out to us for contacts of certified advertising agencies to develop the concept and manage your  shopper campaigns using Shopobill technology.


Need a fully customized solution? Shopobill experts are happy to help with the implementation of the technology into business processes of large customers.

Why do market leaders choose Shopobill?

Henkel builds Consumer Hub

Henkel successfully utilises Shopper Hub to improve customer experience and expand their consumer databases with always on consumer promotional hubs.

Mondelez achieves savings

Mondelez streamlined its shopper activation process in all Eurasian markets and onboarded its local advertising agencies to using Shopobill achieving significant budget savings.

Perfetti van Melle test & learns consumer promotions

PVM was never too active in consumer promotion. With new time and challenges coming - company looked for a solution to get insights on different types of activation campaigns.

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