Retail media gamification platform

We help retailers monetize consumer promotions, drive shopper loyalty and attract incremental sales

Major retailers around the world are already using Shopobill

Problems that the promotions solution can solve

Bring incremental marketing budgets

from brands

Do retailer promotions

 cheaper & faster

Revamp loyalty

 among existing customers & increase frequency

Sell more

 retail media inventory

Ease the compliance

 of prize draws and sweepstakes

Scale up promotions

 and branded games for suppliers without headache

Promote private labels


Test new gamification

 in loyalty programs without big time investment

Cure not transparent analytics

 for producers in retailers campaigns

Who in retail benefits from using retail marketing solutions

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Retail media & Monetisation

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Merchandise & Omnichannel teams

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Loyalty and customer experience

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Ecommerce & digital product

What you can do with retail media gamification platform

An abstract image that represents no-code promotion engine. It shows multiple windows with different icons such as a smiling face, a shopping bag, and a mouse pointer. The main and largest window represents Shopobill’s UI.

Digital promotions as retail media

Utilize digital promotions as a core part of your retail media strategy. Engage brands with retailer-exclusive consumer promotions, helping them grow brand and category sales and attract new shoppers. Boost customer engagement and loyalty through exciting prizes and instant win games, enhancing the shopping experience.

This approach not only fulfills brands goals but also drives additional advertising revenue, creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

An abstract imagine that represents sweepstakes and prize distribution path. It starts with a hand shooting arrows that fly in a zig-zag alike way through a start, a heart, a shopping bag, and, finally, reaching the goal by getting into the target.

Instant win games, prize draws, sweepstakes

Incorporate instant win games, prize draws, and sweepstakes into your marketing strategy with Shopobill's ready-to-use wingames and gamification mechanics. Easily launch highly engaging digital promotions and branded games with options for customization like design alterations and algorithm tweaks specific to your brand.

Shopobill's promotion engine has many popular mechanics such as Wheel of Fortune, Advent Calendar, and Scratch & Win, allowing for rapid deployment and enhanced consumer interaction.

An abstract image that resembles a game “Pacman”, but the game’s location consists of shopping bags.

Scale up retailer promotions without increasing costs

Scale up your retailer promotions efficiently using Shopobill's self-service promotions solution and digital promotions platform. Effortlessly launch numerous unique promotional campaigns for different brands, categories, private labels, and seasonal events on dedicated landing pages without increasing costs.

The platform’s no-code interface ensures ease of use and rapid deployment, allowing for simultaneous management and testing of multiple campaigns, ensuring scalability and full control over your promotional strategy.

An abstract image that represents how cashback and realtime awards work. The image consists of two shopping bags with magnets attached to them, a ghost from Pacman game, and a number one in a filled circle — all these elements connected to each other though in a entangled manner.

Sell more retail media

Enhance your retail media network's performance and revenue with Shopobill's digital promotions integrated into media placements.

This approach intensifies the call to action and elevates ad conversion rates. Digital offers also require that consumers engage at the point of sale, enabling retailers to effectively track purchases over time and directly link in-store sales to digital media exposure.

Transparent analytics for brands

Transparent analytics are crucial for brands utilizing retail media solutions. Shopobill enables you to provide access to campaign analytics directly to brands or their agencies, facilitating collaboration and teamwork.

This transparency offers suppliers a new level of service and fosters trust in your partnership, while also simplifying the reporting process for retailers and alleviating administrative burdens.

Sales promotion campaigns in chatbots

Surprise and delight your customers with interactive promotional campaigns in chatbots in WhatsApp  and Telegram.

Shopobill has a built-in chatbot builder, and all analytics will be collected in a convenient single promotion dashboard. Go where your customers are. Our clients can create customised chatbots with promotional mechanics and branded games in a matter of hours.

Promotions with coupon codes and promo codes

Enhance your promotions by integrating coupons and promo codes from your CRM as prizes within various game mechanics.

Additionally, leverage Shopobill's free gift card codes generator to create promo codes, easily uploaded to your POS system for seamless redemption at checkout. This approach simplifies the redemption process and increases store visit frequency and grows loyalty among existing customers.

Promotion of Private labels

Enhance your private label brand's visibility and appeal by utilizing Shopobill's gamification marketing and digital rewards promotions. These tactics are designed to capture consumer attention and foster a deep emotional connection, turning casual shoppers into loyal customers.

By integrating these engaging promotional mechanics, you can significantly increase the desirability of your private label products, encouraging repeat purchases and boosting overall brand loyalty.

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Why retailers choose us

Self service promotional platform

Powerful promotions solution for retailer in-house teams. Be in full control of retailer and brand promotions.

Make changes "on the go" without additional costs.

Prize Draw Compliance for Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Software solution with transparent and recorded algorithms specifically designed for marketing purposes.

Winners selected based on open formula, not chance, all records are available for third party checks and audits.

Customer service help desk

Built in systems to quickly monitor and react to customer feedback and questions.

No need to ask a supplier, to resolve an issue, all data is available to the operator in self serving mode.

Website builder

No-code website builder  reduces the time to launch of a promotional website to minutes.

Brand engagement goes up, time to launch and efforts go down!

Receipt Scanning

Shopobill check scanner is able to read receipts, product names and fiscal signs from any checks and barcode from the products.

Perfect for Scan to win and other similar shopper engagement purposes.

Free coupon and gift card codes generator

Create batches of coupons and promo codes for marketing purposes from our couponing center.

Distribute coupons during a promotion to activate repeat purchases.

Promotion Engine

Over 500 proven shopper marketing mechanics - instant win games, realtime rewards, branded games, rebates, spin the wheel for prizes etc

All mechanics can be combined with each other.

Chatbot builder for promo

WhatsApp and Telegram chatbots with user registration, receipts validation, digital rewards and branded games.

You can run shoppe promotions either in chatbot alone or simultaneously with the website.

Retailer performance media network

Shopobill Performance Network has a wide variety of Producers shopper offers for retailers.

Integrations with popular cashback apps will bring new customers to your stores and ecommerce.

It's a pleasure collaborating with such an incredible team of innovators. Together, we're poised to revolutionize how our partners boost sales through immersive digital activations.

Alisher Ziyaev

Head of Monetisation & Retail media

With Shopobill I can turn around branded promotions very fast. We went from eight business days with our previous supplier  to one hour with Shopobill.

Firas Al Ashgar

Head of Operational Marketing

Gamification is a new track for us in communications with customers and partners. During the period of cooperation with Shopobill, we have already implemented dozens of campaigns and plan to continue.

Lubov Stratienko

Marketing Director

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How to work with Shopobill

Craft your consumer promotions the way that is convenient for you.


Enjoy the simplicity, availability and scalability of our SaaS product. Our cloud servers are located in Russia and comply with legislation.

An abstract image that represents how collaboration works in Shopobill UI.

Dedicated server

Get additional customization for your corporate requirements along with more options to customize the product for you.

On premise

For those who require full control over their data, we offer installation of our product directly on your servers. Maximum security and personalization for your business.

Why top retailers choose Shopobill?

Monetka monetises branded campaigns

Grocery retailer uses shopper marketing cloud to run dozens of brand funded promotions to drive category sales and incremental foot traffic.

Carrefour UAE digitised raffle draws

UAE leading retailer came to Shopobill in search of self-serving alternative for raffle draws. The idea was to start monetise this format with brand sponsorships, so a specialised tool was needed.

5ka runs seasonal campaigns with sponsored products

Back to school, New Year, Millionmania are seasonal retailer promotions targeted at growth of turnover and utilising sponsored products mechanic.

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